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Cordless Portable High Pressure Spray Water

Cordless Portable High Pressure Spray Water

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Easily Clean Any Surface And Vehicle Anytime, Anywhere.

Cordless Car Washing Spray is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to wash their car anywhere. This portable car washer features a powerful high-efficiency washer that delivers fast and excellent results.
Wide range of applications: car washing, watering flowers/lawns/vegetables, showering pets, outdoor walls, etc.



✅ Cordless design, powered by Li-Ion rechargeable battery
✅ 2-3h battery life, lithium battery greatly prolongs the service life of the machine.
✅ No garden hose required, support pull fresh water from bucket, bottle, stream or pool
✅ High efficiency and deep filtration
✅ User-friendly comfort handle, long-term grip is effortless
✅ Full Wireless Design For Outdoor Use + Lightweight Design

【Minimal Consumption and Maximum Results】

Our wireless design allows for outdoor use without the need for a nearby power source. With our highly professional technology, you can achieve maximum results with just one bucket of water. Experience efficient and effective cleaning without wasting water or energy.

【3-in-1 Nozzle】

✅ Straight nozzle: For washing stubborn stains (floor, terrace, car, motorcycle, etc…)
✅ Spray nozzle: For large surfaces (sinks, pours, etc.)
✅ Soap can: foam for cleaning all surfaces.

【High-Pressure Steam For Better Cleaning Results】

You don't have to worry about debris or impurities in the water thanks to the filter, resulting in a clear, clean stream, so you can always clean up wherever there is water.

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