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Electric Drill Shears Attachment Cutter Nibbler

Electric Drill Shears Attachment Cutter Nibbler

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Safe and Durable: No contact with the saw blade or blades, and no injuries to hands.

Equipped with a robust metal gearhead designed for long life and durability.

Double Cutting Head And 360. Straight And Circle Cutting, You Can Also Effortlessly Cut Beautifully.

Smooth shearing effect without burrs

Excellent Cutting Effect: Cutting Jobs Becomes Easier, Faster, And Safer With This Double Headed Sheet Metal Nibbler, which Fitting Effortlessly Into Any Standard Drill And Creates A Precision, Burr Edge.

Accurate and Precise: Features a positioning slot for accurate sizing to complete a wide range of metal pieces.

Maximum shearing capacity: iron plate 0.3 inch-0.4 inch, white iron plate 0.5 inch-0.7 inch, steel plate 0.8 inch-1 inch, copper plate 1.5 inches, aluminum plate 1.5 inches;

The 12V rechargeable drill has a slightly poorer cutting ability.

The 21V cordless drill has a stronger shearing ability.

Precautions this product is suitable for cutting flat metal sheets below 0.4 inches, and cannot cut sheets with bends, ribs, heterosexuality, or welding.

If it gets stuck and cannot be cut when cutting non-metallic materials, adjust the electric drill to reverse and automatically exit.

Wide Usage And Application: The Versatile Sheet Metal Nibbler, Perfect For Car And House Maintenance Like Metal Roof Cutting, HVAC Vent Pipe, And Other Metal Sheets

Note - We only provide attachment, we do not provide drill machine 

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